Packaging Planner

The Packaging Planner is a specialized tool that calculates and optimizes order quantities based on the actual demand situation (customer orders, latest sales forecast). This calculation is not based on static safety stocks, but checking the range of coverage, taking into consideration the actual demand situation.

Cleaning and setup times are added automatically by the algorithm. A lot of functions (alerts, cockpits, scheduling algorithms) are available for automatic scheduling runs based on different planning strategies, as well as for manual adjustments and interactive working.

Target Industries

The offered solution package can be used for all types of food industries like e.g. meat, dairy, soft drinks, ice-cream etc. The main characteristic for this solution is that the produced goods are perishable. The typical scenario consists of a lot of sales elements (customer orders, deliveries, LSF’s) with orders of small quantities; however, production will schedule based on stock availability and not to customer order.


Normally made-to-stock production will trigger when the inventory level will reach the safety stock level; but, this safety stock does not take the shelf life into consideration. The reason for this exemption is that the consumption of goods produced is not static. The consumption follows a time-dependent pattern given by consumer behaviour. For this reason, the production must trigger when a level of freshness will be reached. This level of freshness is called Dynamic Range of Coverage.



The sequencer creates an initial sequence of production and this includes the set-up times and/ or Cleaning-In-Process as well. The main module is embedded with a specialized optimizer. This optimizer calculates the lot sizes for a given production sequence based on the freshness of the goods produced. The user interface allows the user to manipulate the planned schedule. This includes the capabilities of running different "what-if" scenarios and analyzing the consequences of the simulation run.


User interface

The main user interface is a planning board that displays the production sequence of each line. Each row (or double-row) represents one process order, which contain detailed information and alert signals. A Drag-and-Drop menu item allows, in a simple way, re-scheduling of production sequences. Set-up times between the process orders will re-calculate automatically and is dependent on the predecessor and successor relationships. These functionalities allow the Production Scheduler to manipulate the sequence after the optimization run. Additional alert boards check the feasibility of the decisions made.

Planning board

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