Best practices for "Food and Beverage"

This pre-defined version is a special solution package of the Manufacturing Workbench with emphasis on the requirements of this industry. Shelf life monitoring, multi-product tank management, campaign handling, and other functions are included in this package. The package can be implemented easily without big effort in a short time frame.

Target Industries

Manufacturing Workbench is an interactive Advanced Planning System. It provides state-of-the art scheduling and optimization tools and works on the data from the leading SAP ERP system. The pre-configured solution package covers all the requirements of meat producers, beverage suppliers, dairy producers, Candy manufacturers, etc.


Stock and requirements list

This solution is an All-in-One solution package that covers all major requirements of the Food & Beverage industry regarding production scheduling, e.g.:

Process order with expiry date


The solution is fast and easy to implement. A major reason for this fact is that all required master and dynamic data are stored in the SAP ERP system and all major business processes are pre-configured in the solution. This is the most significant part of the functionality and it is instantly available with the installation of the system, which could be completed within three to five days. Minor adjustments to customer’s requirements can be made during the testing and training phase. Normally, the whole cycle of implementation can be finished within just a few weeks, not months.

User interface

Planning board

Manufacturing Workbench is a window-oriented interactive scheduling and information processing system. Information is displayed in various window types which can be configured by the user. All features can be selected and executed from the user interface.
Manufacturing Workbench’s main window provides the user with a comprehensive summary of the scheduling situation. Resource utilization is visualized in Gantt-Charts, the inventory level projection is visible in histograms. Planned orders, process orders, and other data types are displayed in tabular form within the browser window. Multiple alert signs indicate problems, such as exceed sales order deadlines, lack of components (ATP-check) and capacity conflicts, and provide recommendation (e.g. for re-scheduling).

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